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Using phone numbers 866-530-3819 and 888-877-4235 t my home. Other have been noted by similar complaints on other sites!

They have been calling for 3 years at all times of day and night. The message they leave says to call them at 866-530-3819 and they will take your number off their list. We have called 4 times and are still receiving calls. I spoke with a Mr. Johnson who claimed he could not tell me the full name of the company (They identified themselves as FMS) as it was against Federal law. I asked him if there wasn't a federal law that prohibited them from repeatedly calling the wrong home for 3 years. He asked me if that made me feel better about myself, informed me the call was being taped and hung up on me. I wish ROsa Gomez, whoever she is would pay her debts!!!!I filed a complaint with the "Do not call registry" and with the Federal Trade Commission. There is a complaint form online where you can complain about companies. These is a law or act the prohibits them from repeatedly calling at certain times, not identifying themselves or their company (name/address/etc.).Also see complaints at: http://www.whocalled.us/lookup/8665303819

FMS is affiliated with the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals at http://www.acainternational.org. I have also made a complaint with them and cc'd FMS.

Based on my reading of ACA Code of Ethics and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act they are out of compliance.

I have also complained to the district attorney in my county in California at well as to a representative of the Oklahoma government where they are based as well as in writing to the company. Hopefully, the last call I receive from them was today!

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Lake Elsinore, California, United States #1303509

they are calling me looking for a family member from a 9519684252, which you cant call back, says its disconnected.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #753066

Bonehead, Do Not Call is for telemarketers. You have to prove that they have called you that many times a day, your complaints lack credibility otherwise. If you want to make a real complaint and make a difference, get educated.

to dlea #1134384

If you want to make a difference, don't be an ***.


These folk have called me repeatedly for years and years. They are looking for somoene who has never lived at this address, but must have had my number before me.

They will not stop calling. I plan on sueing them. They just called tonight again. 9:00 PM on a Saturday...

with a recorded message. I tried calling back, but their office is not open. These people are driving me nuts. I will be contacting a lawyer on Monday morning.

I have had enough and will not stop until their CEO is in Jail. I also plan on filing a civil action suite. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE BOTTOM FEEDERS. I have perfect credite.

I have never missed a payment once one on anything in my life.

Every time they call it *** me off, I yell in the phone and then my wife and I end up having a lousey evening. They owe me millions for this!!


FMS first called my home in late May. They asked for me by name. (the informal one) I said it was me. Then they asked if I was (formal name) but with wrong middle initial. I told them that was not my middle initial. They said it was regarding my account with Capital One. I informed them that I have not had an account with Capital One -or any other credit card in some years. They asked again if I was (formal name with wrong middle initial.) I told them no. And they told me they would remove my name from their list.

However, they have not.

On the second contact, another person asked the same thing -and the same drill. I told them no and informed them that I was told I was being taken off their call list. They said they would.

In fear that I may have been a victim of identity theft or credit fraud, I ran a credit report on myself and found no evidence of any. There are no active credit cards in my name.

However, the calls have increased to almost daily -mostly during the day -while I'm at work.

My wife answers the phone, they ask for (informal name). She tells them I'm not here. They say it is very important they get in contact with me. She informs them that she is my wife and will relay any message. They say they can't do that and they ask for another number to contact me -my work number. She refuses to give it to them. (which puzzles me -anyone I have done business with would have my work number. It hasn't changed in twelve years)

We've quit answering the phone anytime we see their numbers -of which there are several -all under the guise of "TOLL FREE CALL" on occassion it's FMS on the caller ID.

I don't owe anyone anything. I am not the person they are looking for. And there is no outstanding debt in my name.

I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. After filling out the data, an automated page read "we recomend you contact the company directly."

So, I guess I'm stuck.

Then again, my wife does work as a clerk at a law firm. Maybe I can get one of her bosses to call them. But, you can only guess how that will go.


FMS keeps calling my house for a sarah pinner and yet there's no one here. I have asked repeated to be taken off their calling list because I don't' want to be harassed.

Yet they still seem to call. Who can we report these people to?


they call me to it doesn't bother me though

hahaha those phones are taped i usally talk alot of s#$@t and hang up to *** them off

but yea good to know


FMS (or their computer) has been calling me several times a day, every day, for years. They are always looking for someone with the last name Smith.

My last name is Smith.

Do they think every Smith in the world lives in my house?

They always say they will remove my number, but they NEVER do. I wish there was some way someone could make them adopt some reasonable business methods.


I wonder if someone can set up a dialer and make repeated call to this number and play some gibberish.

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