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Received a collection notice this week from FMS Inc. out of Tulsa OK. They claim they are settling on behalf of "Citibank N.A." a disputed delinquent balance on a non-existant credit card account.

This is the first notice of collection I have received, but the letter claims it is the conclusion of an ongoing dispute, and gives 30 days for a $35% payment of the delinquent charge.

On closer inspection of the letter, I saw that their claim to represent Citibank was highly spurious. Firstly, they claim to represent "Citibank N.A." implying that they have an agreement with Citibank *North America* - however, legally, they must spell out the full name of the creditor whom they represent and in some cases included a TradeMark indication.

Next, the claim was in dispute of my "Citibank Aadvantage Worl" account - the name of the account suspiciously mis-spelled!

This keeps them 'legal' inasmuch as Citibank proper has a harder time pressing charges against them for using their name and their account names for FMS Inc.'s fraudulent activities.

Lastly, the collection letter came to an address that is not affiliated with any Citibank account I've ever had. That, coupled with the mis-representation of Citibank in the letter, and of course the fact I have no longer got a Citibank account and haven't for years, indicates - SCAM!

I have no idea how this company continues to operate with success - clearly they are crooks; I had no trouble finding pages and pages of grievances and warnings about them on the internet. Still, they are up and running - watch out for them and don't give them any money! Report them to the Better Business Bureau!

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1355676

Thank you for the information about this scam. The BBB in my state suggested I get a credit report and check to see if the collection was real. It was not!

Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States #1148401

I also received a collection notice from FMS Inc. They used Capital One as the creditor.

Phony acct #, inaccurate SSN, claiming we owed substantial amount past due. Call their # and you get hung up on. SCAM. I verified this after calling the creditor, who I had no acct.


FMS Inc. Remember it and don't fall for it and report it!


I received a call from them today as well first disguising their call as though a package is non-deliverable to my home. I call the number back and some unprofessional person answers and claims I took out a loan and they have legal documents to send me.

I have never done business with the company they stated I took the loan from NOR did I ever have a bank account with the bank they said the deposit was made into. I told the man to send me the legal docs and I would have my lawyer look into it. He immediately ended the call.

SCAM!! These person are *** and should be dealt with!


I got a similar notice regarding a Neptune society account that was paid in full years ago. They are clearly scam artists. Do not send them money.

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