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FMS called me today claiming I owe Asurion $134 for a bad check; I told them I don't write checks. I paid Asurion online.

Sure enough, Asurion confirmed that I don't owe them any money for any phone on my account. The reason they became suspicious is because of the amount. Asurion makes you pay for repairs or whatever service up front, so you don't get the service if the payment doesn't go through.

They started an internal investigation and told me not to speak to FMS again. They also said if FMS continues to call, block their number and keep an eye on my accounts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fms Incorporated Asurion Debt Collection.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Here is a funny thing about that though. Even though Asurion was acting like your buddy and watching out for you so you do not get taken by these people, Asurion also SOLD YOUR NAME and info to them, it was probably a $ error they sold but they still did it.

this company did not pull your info out of a hat, they paid for it. Asurion knows that if you do not pay it nothing happens because the whole thing is old as dirt, but they also know that you will be hounded , FMS buys *** debt for tiny amounts of money so they can attempt to scare people into paying anything. so say you had a 400.00 error - some thing you paid for on line and it was all done but the fool operator also put that you were sending in the check, then instead of realizing the payment was made, they just left it and eventually the mistake went to collections and then after years it went to FMS lol the "fake bill collectors" now they want you to pay anything. if you paid even 1 cent they can take you court for the rest.

they will lose probably but most people do not show up so thats money ion their pocket. you think 400 is not worth it? they do this full time, they do this for big and small cases, these people are ridiculous LEECHES . These people keep bottom feeder lawyers employed.

No kidding. it all comes down to the paying a tiny amount for the names of the people associated with outdated noncollectable and erroneous debt. sometimes over a decade old. in hopes that they can collect anything.

if they get 50% ( the number is higher really) to Bite, they are make their money, multi millions, there are so many it's crazy and they just do it every single day. so they pay 5 thousand dollars for a list of 2.5 million names with old recorded debt, real or unreal.

they bought the list. poof, now they can get to bugging the *** out of people.

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